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About Fort Vannoy Farms

The Fort Vannoy Farm and Crouse Family Tradition for Generations!

Three Generations Of Farming

image4 Generations of Farmers: The Crouse Farm began with Walter Senior and his wife who moved out West from Montana in the early 1920's. Walt Senior was a farmer and a musician. He taught all of his children how to play an instrument and farm the land. The next generation of Crouse Farmers was Walt and Marion Crouse who continued the tradition of farming, cultural interests, and education with their five kids. Now the day to day operations of Fort Vannoy Farms are managed by Bob and Barbara Crouse, but don't be surprised when you visit the farm to see Walt out on a tractor, changing pipe or digging ditches.

Farming Traditions: Fort Vannoy Farm Families have always celebrated holidays and seasons with the marking of ripe produce. Walt and Marion would look forward to the first green bean harvest being ready by the Fourth of July. Walt has contributed so much to Oregon's Farming Community over the years that he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement, Diamond Pioneer Award from Oregon State University. Now, the Southern Oregon Community looks forward to the delicious Sweet Corn ready by the First of August! The award winning dairy farm, corn producing grower and now major local food producer farming 250 plus acres.

image4 Farm Land: The land that makes up Fort Vannoy Farms is perfectly balanced sandy loamy river bottom soil that has been worked for over fifty years by The Crouse Family. This agriculturally rich land is near the Rogue River and between two mountain ridges in a valley that is as beautiful to look at as it is to farm. The Crouse Family have made Southern Oregon a better place to live by using natural resources wisely and learning from the land they farm.

Farming Takes Root: The rich values that have made Fort Vannoy Farms a success for generations include a rare stewardship of the land to create sustainable agriculture. This takes patience and perseverance that is nurtured over years and years of practice. Visitors are always welcome to the farm to purchase fresh produce at our market stand, to view the living land, to visit with a farmer, or to take in the picturesque view and comfort from a peaceful country drive.

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