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U-Pick Berries

U-PICK Berries at Fort Vannoy Farms! We offer strawberries, thornless blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. U-PICK days are scheduled according to ripeness in the patch. When the season opens in mid-May, picking is scheduled from 8 am to 12 noon, Fridays and Saturdays, before the heat of the day settles in on the farm.

We have dedicated ten acres to our U-Pick Berries project. It is a favorite family past time and will remain a tradition for local families for years to come.



In the Strawberry Patch we offer six varieties of berries. June bearing berries include Ruby June, Chandler, and Puget Crimson. The Everbearing varieties are Albion, Seascape, and San Andreas. After the blooms set on the strawberries there are roughly 30 days until the berry is ripe.  A typical season for picking strawberries is mid-May to early July.



The Thornless Blackberry varieties will ripen successively. Late July will bring on the Natchez berry, which is a large and juicy berry. Next, Ouchita Thornless Blackberries are plump and full of great flavor in August. Lastly, the Chester variety will be ripe in September for end of the summer picking.



Our Raspberries are producers from mid-June to Late September. The varieties include Caroline, Cascade Delight, Kokanee, Tulameen, Nova Red, and Lewis. A couple of other specialty varieties include the golden raspberry, Honey Queen and the black raspberry, Jewel.  All varieties are great for fresh eating, jams and preserves. or freezing for later use.



Blueberries ripen from July to early August. The varieties available on The Farm are Duke, Blue Ribbon, Top Shelf, and Calypso. Our plump juicy berries grown in the sandy loamy soil of the Rogue Valley are some of the finest berries around.


Enjoy a family outing to the farm for a delightful and wholesome morning of U-Pick Berries. Please watch our Facebook page for accurate picking days as all of our produce is weather dependent.



U Pick Berries

A tasty, wholesome treat for the whole family to enjoy. We provide buckets for your picking pleasure! Pets are welcome on a leash at the farm.

Local Berries


Berries are a very easy crop to preserve for use at a later date. Simple freeze individually on a tray, then pack into a freezer container.