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Grass Hay and Straw

Hay! We have a healthy supply of hay year-round, and we grow it right here in the Rogue Valley. We grow premium Orchard Grass Hay and Fescue Hay which offers an excellent ration.


Fescue is a hardy plant and tolerant of drought, which makes it a great choice for the hot summers in Southern Oregon. Fort Vannoy Farms plants the modern variant of Fescue that has modified endophytes, therefore eliminating the problem of digestion for horses. Fescue makes a great feeder hay for cattle in the winter months.


Our Premium Orchard Grass Hay has excellent nutritional values as determined by independent certified lab analysis for each cutting. For inquiries regarding protein and sugar content please contact the farm for specific information on nutrient values. It is an excellent hay for cows, horses, sheep, goats, and lactating animals.


Deliveries for hay are available please contact Sean at (541) 450-1926 or Bob at (541) 660-5630 for more information.



Orchard Grass

Our Premium Orchard Grass Hay is grown in the fertile Rogue River Valley. We offer two stringer bales for your feeding program.


Fescue Hay

This hay offers excellent quality and value for the stock you are feeding. It makes a great storage hay through the winter months.