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Community Supported Agriculture

CSA from August 5th - October 21st 2019

CSA Kari Purchasing a CSA box share from Fort Vannoy Farms is a convenient way to bring your household the abundant freshness of having a home garden without the space, time, or work required. By purchasing your summer produce early, you help us bring revenue to the farm in a time when we need it most. We are busy working the land, planting, fertilizing, weeding, and most of all waiting. Waiting for the fruits of our labor to become available to sell. A process that begins in March if the weather permits, but usually April and takes till the end of July to production.

So, what does that mean really? It means that we are asking you to support your local agriculture by pre-purchasing a share of our 12 week harvest. The produce share is filled with nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, herbs, and the occasional surprise to show our appreciation for the summer of 2019

What Does This Share Get You?

CSA Food Boxes It provides a weekly box filled with fruits, vegetables, herbs, recipes and the occasional surprise. We are offering three sizes: large, medium, and small. A large box is designed to feed a family of 3-4, a medium will feed 2-3 people, and a small is meant for 1-2 people. Below you will find an example list of what to expect in your box and a chart showing what produce is available for harvest during the 12 weeks.

An Example of a share in August:

CSA Erin bullet Anaheim Peppers
bullet Basil
bullet Bell Peppers
bullet Carrots
bullet Cucumbers
bullet Garlic
bullet Watermelon
bullet Green Beans
bullet Onions
bullet Sweet Corn
bullet Summer Squash
bullet Tomatoes

Harvet Chart

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Simplifying the CSA Process with Gift Cards

This year we are simplifying the CSA experience by placing your share balance onto a CSA Gift Card. Now, you can come out to the farm to purchase your produce at your leisure. You no longer have to remember to come out every Wednesday, nor are you going to get stuck with too many potatoes and onions. Since we are no longer putting boxes together for you, we are able to pass those savings to you by giving you a 10% discount with every purchase that your CSA Gift Card is used.

Free Delivery of CSA boxes to Business in GP

With a health movement moving through GP, such as the Blue Zone Project, Businesses are finding ways to bring healthy life options to their employees. Fort Vannoy Farms is here to help. If, at least 10 people in an organization want to participate in our CSA, then we will deliver to your business for FREE! These will be pre-designed boxes. An example of what we put into your box is below. Our approach to designing your boxes is: What would I purchase for my family this week? However, when we do have an overabundance of something, we share it with you. Our abundance is your abundance, but never the entirety of your box, you will always receive variety.

Costs and Payment

  1. Pay in full with any variation of accepted payment.
  2. Pay in full by March 31st to receive an additional 5% discount from the listed price!!

    If you are unable to pay in full please contact Jennifer at 541.787.7536 or to discuss payment options.

      Large Share: $30/week x 12 weeks
    • In full- $360

      Medium Share: $22/week x 12 weeks
    • In-Full- $264

      Small Share: $15/week x 12 weeks
    • In-Full- $180

    Accepted Forms of Payment: Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card (with PayPal), EBT, Farmer's Market Nutritional Program Coupons (WIC Produce Vouchers)

How To Sign Up

  1. Download and Fill-out either the Gift- Card CSA Sign-Up Form or the Delivery CSA Sign-Up Form (found below)
  2. Send in/Call in Payment
  3. Once the Form and payment are received you will receive a Emailed Receipt as confirmation.

Contact US

Mail Jennifer questions or comments at or Or call/text her at 541.787.7536

CSA Sign Up Form

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Business CSA Sign Up Form

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