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Community Supported Agriculture

CSA from July 16th - October 23rd 2018

CSA Kari Purchasing a CSA box share from Fort Vannoy Farms is a convenient way to bring your household the abundant freshness of having a home garden without the space, time, or work required.

So, what does that mean really? It means that we are asking you to support your local agriculture by pre-purchasing a share of our 15 week harvest. The produce share is filled with nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, herbs, and the occasional surprise for the summer of 2018. All packaged and ready for you to pick up and enjoy.

What Does This Share Get You?

CSA Food Boxes You receive a box weekly filled with fruits, vegetables, herbs, recipes and the occasional surprise. We are offering three sizes: large, medium, and small. A large box is designed to feed a family of 3-4, a medium will feed 2-3 people, and a small is meant for 1-2 people. Below you will find an example list of what to expect in your box and a chart showing what produce is available for harvest during the 15 weeks.

An Example of a share:

CSA Erin bullet Anaheim Peppers
bullet Basil
bullet Bell Peppers
bullet Carrots
bullet Cucumbers
bullet Garlic
bullet Watermelon
bullet Green Beans
bullet Onions
bullet Sweet Corn
bullet Summer Squash
bullet Tomatoes

Box PickUp - Harvest Chart

Box Pick-Up

bullet The box can be picked up at our Farm Stand on Wednesday or Saturday from 10am-6pm or at the Saturday Farmers Market in Grants Pass from 8am-1pm
bullet For companies and organization with ten or more boxes delivery can be set up.

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Costs and Payment

We offer two payment options:
  1. In full with any variation of accepted payment or
  2. Equal payments over a 3 month period, with the first payment due with the Sign-Up Form and the 2nd and 3rd payment will be due the following two months.

      Large Share: $30/week x 15 weeks
    • In full- $450
    • 3 month payment plan- $150/month

      Medium Share: $22/week x 15 weeks
    • In-Full- $330
    • 3 month payment plan- $110/month

      Small Share: $15/week x 15 weeks
    • In-Full- $225
    • month payment plan- $75/month

    Accepted Forms of Payment: Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card (with PayPal), EBT, Farmer's Market Nutritional Program Coupons (WIC Produce Vouchers)

How To Sign Up

  1. Fill-out our CSA Sign-Up Form (Follow signs to our Office on the Farm, then go to the breezeway and you will find the sign up forms.).
  2. Provide Payment either in full or the first month of the payment plan.
  3. Drop off the Form and Payment to our Office at 5791 Lower River Road, Grants Pass. The Office is located in the breezeway between the Garage and the House.
  4. Once your Form is completed and payment is made, you will receive a welcome email as confirmation with further details about your membership in our CSA.

CSA Sign Up Form

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