Storage Potatoes and Candy Onions


Fort Vannoy Farms grows Yukon Gold, Russet, and Norland Red Potatoes. We also grow Candy onions. Both the potatoes and onions are great for storage, but don’t store them together. The secret to our delicious potatoes and candy onions is the fertile and sandy loamy soil.


How to Store Potatoes


We keep our potatoes in cold storage in a dark bin to achieve the best storage.  At home you can store potatoes in a basement, root cellar, a corner of your garage or other cold space that keeps a steady temperature without freezing. Potatoes can be stored in a cardboard or wooden box, a laundry basket or bins. Avoid using plastic bags or plastic tubs as they will retain moisture and can lead to spoilage. Cover the potatoes with cardboard to keep them as dark as possible.


Sort through your storage potatoes every couple of weeks to insure there isn’t dark spots or spoilage starting on any of the potatoes. Remove or use questionable potatoes to prevent spoilage in the storage room.


Preserving Potatoes


Canning or freezing potatoes is an excellent choice to build a food storage system with the very freshest produce grown in the Rogue Valley. Purchasing potatoes in large quantities offers more purchasing power. Canning potatoes is as simple as washing, peeling, chopping and canning using a pressure canner. Be sure to follow safe canning guidelines through the Oregon State Extension Service. Freezing potatoes can be done by grating potatoes, rinsing in water, towel drying and spread on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet to flash freeze. Once the shredded potatoes are frozen, place into zip top freezer bags for easy storage and use.


How to Store Onions


Onions are best stored in a cool, dark, dry place. Choose a place that is separated from potatoes. Onions should also be stored in a paper lined basket, bin, or cardboard box. The darker the room the better to prevent spoilage and early sprouting. Did you know you can still eat onions that have sprouted? They aren’t bad, their energy system has just been alerted that it is time for new growth. Covering the storage container with newspaper or cardboard with help to restrict the light.


Onions need to be sorted every few weeks so that any soft spots are noticed and can be used right away. This will prevent your whole basket of onions from being spoiled as well. Onions are easily stored for six to eight months in the right environment.


Preserving Candy Onions


The Sweet Candy Onions grown at Fort Vannoy Farms are so delicious for soups, stews, stir fry, and serving on a burger or sandwich. Most dinner or savory winter recipes start with chopping an onion. You can prep your food by chopping multiple onions at once. Simply chop onions, store in 1 cup or 2 cup portions, and freeze in zip top freezer storage bags. You can do the same if you like sliced onions. When the stormy weather hits a hot bowl of Onion Soup really hits the spot.


Prepare space in your freezer or canning shelves for more of our nutrient dense food grown right here in the Rogue Valley. It will save on the food and doctor bills, and your taste buds will be grateful you did too!


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