Sweet Asparagus


Our beautifully tender and sweet asparagus is gaining momentum, but don’t be fooled. Asparagus season is fleeting, and you will want to pick up some of this spring treat early! How about creamy asparagus soup? Asparagus stir fry, asparagus quiche, asparagus scramble, asparagus casserole, roasted asparagus, or truly eating it raw! This is such a tender treat and full of vitamins.


Fat Asparagus


Yes, our asparagus is plump and buttery tender to the end of the stem.  The very thin asparagus is fibrous and tough because it is the portion of the plant that has made the signal that the plant is finished producing. We are here to teach you able the delicious, plump spears of asparagus we grow on the farm. When choosing asparagus, if you can bend it and it snaps clean, you know you have a tender spear. If the asparagus spear bends and doesn’t snap, it is either tough or fibrous or both and won’t satisfy the palate. We also want to remind you to eat all the way to the end of the asparagus. Our spears are tender tip to end.


Can you Freeze Asparagus?


Yes! It is so simple to freeze asparagus and takes just a few easy steps. First, heat of pot of water to boiling. Add asparagus spears to the boiling water and leave for only 1 minute. Remove asparagus and drain on a clean kitchen towel. Repeat until all asparagus is blanched. Pat dry any remaining water. Lay out on a cookie sheet pan and freeze for 2 hours. Remove from freeze and transfer the asparagus to a zip top freezer bag. Be sure to remove as much air as possible before returning to the freezer. When you are ready to use the asparagus, the spears can be used individually or cooked up in a whole batch just as you would cook it before freezing.


Now you can have asparagus year-round!


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